A new tool lets you take out wire strips from your phone

  • July 12, 2021

Wire stripping tool, the new wire stripping product from wire stripping company Wirecutter, allows users to remove wires and other obstructions from phones in seconds.

It was developed by Wirecutters CEO and founder James M. Schmitz, a former Apple employee.

Wirecutting is a popular way to remove wire and other plastic obstructions, but it is also a messy process, and there are safety concerns.

Wirestripping tools are available from several companies, including Wirecutler, Wirecuter Plus, and Wirecutner Classic.

Wirecutting tool users can choose from a variety of options to remove plastic and wire from their phones, including cutting out plastic panels and removing wires, as well as removing adhesive.

Wirecuters has been testing the wire stripping feature for a few weeks, but now, the company is ready to make it available to the public.

The company recently published an updated video on its YouTube channel.

The product works by using a tool to remove metal, glass, plastic, and other metal objects from phones, such as antenna wires, and then carefully slicing it to remove the wires.

Wire stripping is not only safe, but also quick and easy, Schmitzy said in a statement to The Huffington