How to make a killer iPhone X case

  • August 3, 2021

A few months ago, Apple revealed a sleek, all-black iPhone X. The phone was the first to use a curved display and to offer a slightly curved edge, and it was also the first phone to feature a new wireless charging technology that allows you to charge it with just one cable, rather than the standard dual.

Apple has since expanded the technology, adding new ports to the phone’s edge, but the company still hasn’t released any images of the new device.

But in an image posted by a user on Reddit, you can see that Apple has added a second cable to the back of the phone.

The cable has a hole for a charging station, and the user notes that the hole is a “diamond in the rough.”

The two holes are very similar to what Apple released for the iPhone XS Max back in November.

We can assume the second cable will allow for a faster charging rate, as it could allow for the phone to charge quickly.

In addition, we also know that Apple will also be offering an adapter to allow for cable management for the new phone.