How to wire a stripper’s pole

  • September 8, 2021

A stripper who used a wire fence to hang her pole above a picture hanging wire on the ceiling of a downtown hotel was shocked to discover that the wire didn’t come from the ceiling.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the woman, whose name was not disclosed, used a 3/4-inch-wide wire and a 3-foot-long metal fence to install a pole at the Sheraton Houston, which is owned by the Sherrard family.

The wire was wrapped around the pole and attached to a piece of metal wire by a pair of scissors.

The fence is designed to prevent the wire from entering the hotel lobby and getting tangled in the ceiling panels, said Sherrards spokeswoman Heather Shaffer.

The woman’s husband said he saw the wire hanging from the pole, and that she was in shock.

He said she didn’t realize the wire was hanging on the wall.

“It’s kind of scary to think of that wire hanging out there in the lobby,” he said.