How to protect yourself from ransomware via a browser extension

  • September 10, 2021

WireRiders – WireRanger’s extension to protect your wire-based accounts from ransomware – is now available for download.

WireRider is a Chrome extension which can encrypt your files and allow you to block certain files.

It also helps to prevent ransomware from accessing your files.

You can now download WireRangers extension via Google Play or via the Chrome Web Store.

WireRs protection can be enabled via the settings menu in the browser toolbar. 

The WireRage browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, although Chrome only supports the extension in Chrome version 57 and Firefox version 47.

It is not available on iOS.

Wireriders security features are not as robust as other ransomware protection tools such as the File-Ransomware Anti-Malware Browser or File-Scanner ransomware protection tool.

However, it is still one of the best ransomware protection products for Windows and Mac OS X. Wire Ransomware Protection ToolWireRiders Security – Wire Rages protection tool  is an extension designed to protect you from ransomware.

Wire rangers tool has two parts.

The first part is the anti-virus protection. 

You can choose to use the anti virus engine that will scan and protect you against all ransomware.

You do not need to install any plugins or add-ons to WireRansomrs protection.

The second part of the tool is the ransomware protection.

You must enable the Anti-Rupture option for this tool. 

WireRansom ransomware protection is more effective than ransomware protection from other ransomware-catching tools.

Wire Rider is available as a free download on Chrome, for Windows, for Mac OS and for Android. 

RansomWire – Wire Rider’s ransomware protection  is the most powerful ransomware protection service for Windows users.

Wire is a new ransomware protection extension developed by the anti malware group RansomWire.

It will prevent ransomware attacks by blocking ransomware extensions and other malicious files. 

This ransomware protection will block the malicious extensions from infecting your files without a trace.

Wire has three main components. 

First, it has the anti viral engine which scans your files for malicious files, preventing ransomware attacks. 

Second, it detects and blocks ransomware extensions that have been downloaded by ransomware or from infected machines. 

Third, it prevents ransomware extensions from executing any commands or scripts. 

All the components work together in the end, protecting your files against ransomware. 

There are two versions of WireRides anti- ransomware protection, WireRite and WireRist. 

Users can choose which one they prefer by selecting the option from the toolbar.

Wire Riders anti-RaaS protection is the one you will want to use for ransomware protection purposes.

WireWireR Rider – The latest ransomware protection app for Windows –  WireRide for Windows app WireRites anti-ransomware and ransomware protection apps will prevent you from getting infected by ransomware.

It allows you to monitor your files, block infected extensions and also blocks infected apps. 

Wrap up: WireRancer ransomware protection is a good tool for Windows but you should keep in mind that the anti ransomware and anti-extension protection will work together to prevent your files from being infected. 

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