A bill to extend the life of the Wire Crimper bill has been tabled in the Dáil

  • September 13, 2021

Dublin City Council has backed the extension of the life span of a bill which will make it mandatory for every resident of the city to install a wire crimp in their home.

The Wire Crimp Bill was tabled by Dublin City Councillor Paul Connolly last week, with the intention of giving the city more incentive to do the job.

The measure, which is expected to pass into law in the next few weeks, will make installation of the device mandatory in all buildings, including homes.

The bill was tacked onto a transport and communications bill, and is expected, if passed, to become law by the end of this year.

The legislation will make the installation of a wire clip mandatory for all new homes built within the next six months, and will require any residents of a building to install one of the devices within two years.

The requirement will be enforced by the city council, and it is expected that any home built before the new deadline will require installation.

The council’s executive committee, chaired by Councillors Brendan Murphy and Paul Connelly, unanimously supported the extension.

Mr Murphy said the legislation was a positive step forward and the Wire Crop Bill will help the city achieve its target of having all buildings within its boundaries covered with a wire-based system by 2020.

“The Wire CampBill is a step in the right direction for Dublin to be a more attractive place to live and work,” he said.

“There is a great deal of work to be done to get the city up to the required standards and we look forward to working with the Council to bring these measures to the forefront.”

The Wire Crime Bill, which has received the support of the Minister for Justice, was touted by Mayor Brian Cowen as a way to “put people at ease” by providing greater incentives for people to install and maintain a wire.

“As a member of the Dail, I support the Wire CrimeBill which will put people at the centre of the installation process and make it more likely that every resident in Dublin will have the option of having a wire crop installed in their front door,” he added.

Mr Connolly said that the Wire Criminal Offences Bill would help to encourage people to comply with the law.

“This bill will ensure that any criminal offence is dealt with in a fair and efficient way, so that the person who is convicted will receive the appropriate penalty and a clean record for the crime they have been convicted of,” he concluded.

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