Which country should India choose for its first nuclear deal?

  • October 27, 2021

The Indian government is considering whether to accept a US proposal to sign a landmark nuclear deal with the United States that could be worth billions of dollars, according to a report in the Financial Times.

The US has offered India an option of signing a deal worth $1.7 trillion, which could potentially pave the way for India to join the Paris-based accord.

The country’s defence ministry said on Tuesday that it had sent a formal invitation to the US for the talks, and that it hoped the two sides would sign the agreement.

The paper said the Indian government would not necessarily have to accept the US proposal if it wanted to join.

The move comes amid a deepening diplomatic rift between India and Washington, which has been under increasing pressure to accept India’s demands for concessions on nuclear technology.

The Indian side has said it wants to join as soon as possible after the talks.

The deal could bring $1 trillion to India’s defence budget, the Times of Ireland reported, citing two officials in the government.

However, the defence ministry is likely to push back on the offer, given that it is considered a major defence policy priority by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who wants India to be a major nuclear power.