‘Powerful’ new wireless earbuds set to launch in US next year

  • September 16, 2021

The newest generation of wireless earphones are set to hit the market in the US next month, bringing the wireless earband craze back into the spotlight.

The earbud market is in the midst of a renaissance as consumers flock to these wireless earpads to enhance their listening experience.

Wired, a UK-based company, is releasing new wireless headphones in the USA, and they’re going to hit stores in mid-April.

According to Wired, the wireless Earbuds, dubbed the Powerful Wireless Earbud, will have 10 gauge wire and electrical wire connectors.

They will also have a new design that has a smaller earpad and thinner wires that are less likely to snag on wires.

These new wireless Earphones have a design that is more like that of a regular wireless earpad, according to the company.

“Powerful wireless earpieces have a thinner and more flexible earpad to fit into the ears of more people,” Wired says.

“Powerful Wireless earbod is an innovative design that will make wireless earBuds easier to wear, lighter and easier to carry.

This wireless earphone can be worn with earbags, gloves and even sunglasses.”

Wired also says the earbuddy will come in two different sizes, the 9mm version and the 10mm version.

The new earbuzz is part of the company’s effort to rebrand the wireless audio industry from the old “plug and play” model to a new model of products.

Wireless Earbuddy, which is launching in April, has a lot of buzz, especially from music fans.

The new earphones have been designed by the company and feature an all-new wireless earbase that can be connected to a smartphone or tablet.