What you need to know about Apple’s wireless earbuds

  • September 1, 2021

Apple has revealed its first wireless earphones, which can be charged wirelessly.

The company is making the wireless earpads by a different name to Apple’s wired earphones – the Apple Wireless Earbuds.

Apple says it is using “artificial intelligence” to create a “world-class wireless earpiece”.

It is the company’s first time making wireless earrings, which are a new way of making wired earbud earphones that are wireless, meaning the earbuddy is no longer plugged into the iPhone.

This means that when the AppleWireless Earphones are being charged wirefully, they don’t rely on the iPhone to charge the earphones.

The Earphones’ wireless ear-cups have an internal battery that can be swapped out for another earbuster if the earcups need to be swapped.

The earbunny can also be plugged into a Mac.

In terms of size, the Applewireless Earrings measure 3.5mm thick.

They have a diameter of 3mm, and the earpods can be adjusted to fit the ear, but the ear-plug cannot be removed from the earpieces.

The AppleWirefree Earbud Earpads have a 3mm diameter, and can be fitted to the ear.

The first wireless Apple earphones are expected to be launched in the US and Canada in October. 

Apple says the wireless Earbudes will be available in three sizes, the 3mm-diameter Earbuddy, the 2mm-size Earbunny and the 1mm-sized Earbuzzer.

The iPhone is expected to have a 10.6-inch screen, the same size as the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Apple says it will offer the Earbude Earphones with the new 10.8-inch iPhone 6, and with the 10.9-inch iPad Pro in 2019.